Thursday, 17 June 2010

sugary picture ;)

hello! today i want to share these beautiful images that i found on the net..i really love the lighting and the colour of the pictures. and i think the idea of fairy lights on the bed is extremely beautiful! i tried once to hang up my photos with the wooden clipper but i guess my wall's colour dont really goes well with the pictures =( later, i want to replace my wall with floral wallpaper.enough said.i leave you guys to enjoy the pictures..till then!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

young celebrity street style

here are some of young celebrity street style. out of lime light they seem able to live without their stylist..
1.i really love how miley try to mix between rocker chic and country girl look but i think the bag just out of the colour palette. for Selena, her hair makes her look twice beautiful and triple sweet!grey top accomplish her sweetly look..well done!
3.Taylor swift have always pull out country girl look with a hint of romantic and floral.maybe this is her typical style but i really adore how she made bold statement in her look using her cardigan. most occasions, outside or inside the film she rarely dress up in glittery,Lacey or floral.her street style shows that she is more into laid back style with a bit of tomboyish flavour.regardless she still look gorgeous in her own way..lesson to learn, BE YOUR SELF.
5.Vanessa already won our heart with her sense of style. even though she only wear a t-shirt i bet she will still looking stunning as this outfit i love how she use high knee socks to add her own style..I'm sure keep an eye on her future street style =D

tutu =)

i have always been in love with tulle fabric..its just so dreamy and girly.however it is quite hard to pull tulle look without looking like a ballerina or too requested from Hannah,here is an idea to toughen up the tulle look..

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

the white shirt

through piles of our clothes i'm sure that most of us have a "white shirt".so now i will share with you 3 looks to dress down this formal shirt.

1. casual and everyday look

2.rocker chic

3..romantic look

if you guys have other interesting ideas to dress down the white shirt, share it with us!!! =D

p/s im so sorry that the text below the images cant be clearly seen..
but no fret, i will try to work on it ;)

im still new =)

hello!!!this blog will cover mostly on fashion and art issue however an extra issue such as d.i.y or beauty issue will be add if there is any request from you guys =) owh and please do comment and give your feedback to this newbie blog ;)

The first topic that i choose for thescrapbook is the dreamy closet!!what do you guys think..